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Sherpa Chai is committed to giving back to our community

I Love Jhapa = the local district
Political officials in Budhabare
Political officials in Budhabare
Asmita Koirala with Trilochan Koirala (Dilli's niece and 94 year old father)
Dilli with his father
Dilli's adopted son, Akarshan

Pemba Sherpa adopted Three girls in Nepal

These children’s father had stage 4 cancer and passed away, so Pemba has adopted the girls and set the family up in an apartment in Kathmandu. He has agreed to look after them financially and make sure that they go school, with the plans to send them to university one day.

Budhabare Community Center and Urgent Care बुधबारे सामुदायिक केन्द्र र तत्काल केयर

Dilli Koirala, our Master Brewer, grew up in Nepal and now lives in Boulder, Colorado. His efforts to support the community in Budhabre is positively supporting people of all ages. By working hard and sending funds back home, Dilli has successfully set-up both a community center and urgent care facility, so to support the health and wellness of all of his neighbors and friends.

Sherpa Chai Scholarship Fund

Pemba’s focus on education has always been top-of-mind for the youth of Nepal. To help support the enhancement of secondary and higher education, Sherpa Chai has established a scholarship fund to ensure that the children of Nepal and Sengma are able to receive the highest quality of education possible. It is both Pemba’s and Sherpa Chai’s goal to support the youth of Nepal in achieving their dreams through gifting them with the education they deserve.